Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome Bentley David Swift!

On October 14th we welcomed Bentley David Swift into our family! I know, I know... it's been a month since then, but I can honestly say we have been BUSY (adjusting to 2 kids, living with our family who also just had their 2nd baby and actively looking for a house to buy!). Bentley weighed 9lbs. 6oz and was 21 inches long... all of which received a gasp from everyone in the delivery room (especially by me!).Our little (or should I say big) guy wouldn't come out on his own, so we chose to induce - which made me extremely nervous since I know not all of them go well. Thank you to all of our friends and family for your prayers because we definitely felt God's presence throughout the entire process. I was especially thankful for God's guidance to the right doctor, as the move made us switch at 7 months along... she was outstanding!Since bringing him home we are loving getting to know our son. He is a very mellow and content baby, but has a set of lungs when he does cry. When he is awake he is very alert and that's often when I think he looks like me when I was a baby. We are thankful that he is a great eater and sleeper too! I think having 2 toddlers and another newborn in the house have helped him sleep through LOTS of noise.Harper has adjusted pretty well to having a little brother. She knew mommy had a baby in her tummy, but she wasn't quite prepared to have to share her mama and dada. When she visited him in the hospital, she acted quite stunned and overwhelmed. Since then, however, she is increasingly loving towards him. She often wants to hug or kiss him, hold him, help change his diaper and thinks he MUST always want his "paci" since she does (this often means her trying to cram it in to his mouth with toddler force). I love how she will squeal and laugh with excitement whenever he makes any movement or noise. I know they will be the best of buddies when they get old enough to play together and that warms my heart.

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to since his arrival...
Bentley's first ride in the carseat leaving the hospital... I'm sorry sweet boy for the pink wings... hopefully you won't hold it against us later in life ;)
Our first family picture as the 4 of us!
The first time Harper got to hold Bentley... she found it extremely entertaining that he has all the same facial features as her... a nose, a mouth, 2 eyes, etc.
Mimi and Auntie Kara talking to Bentley while he was awake.
His first bath was successful with no tears!
We had a great first family outing to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island. Both sides of our families joined us and braved the cold weather.
Nana (with Bentley) and OoOo (with Jensen) holding the boy cousins... so precious!
Harper on Halloween being the perfect pumpkin fairy. Mimi gave Harper her first bite of candy and boy oh boy... it was a hit!
Me and my boy!
The Stude's flew all the way up here and braved the cold, wet weather just to meet Bentley. We had a fantastic time with them and soaked up the much needed love from friends.
Harper loved having Auntie Jordan and Uncle Josh visit... they are GREAT playmates!
Just the girls... Harper was having SO much fun playing with J & J that she was upset to have to stop for a quick picture. And... our little man at 4 weeks old!


  1. Audi, I loved the pictures!! Your little family is precious. I look forward to your visit here or mine there to let the families meet. Keep the pictures coming and God bless!! Sarah Williams

  2. Love it! You guys look great and like you are thriving with 2 little ones in tow. We think about you lots and are glad to see some picts!

  3. Great post Audi!! Your new family of four is absolutely beautiful and we are so glad things are going so well. Praise the Lord! Enjoy the chaos and quiet moments when they come. love you

  4. You guys are awesome! What a darling and blessed little family! -Lauren McLeary