Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Change & Two Incredible Blessings

(This is a bit sentimental, but it's for my husband and kids)

I love having two kids... I LOVE having two kids...

I have been struck recently with just how blessed Jeremy and I are to have two, healthy and beautiful children. It is a pleasure and an honor to be Harper and Bentley's mama and dada. There is something so tender and sobering when we stop and realize the magnitude of our responsibilities - that we are raising, pouring into and shaping these two little people.
Two little people who already have ripped our hearts wide open to show us what love really is - and they are only 2 years and 4 1/2 months old... I have tears of joy in my eyes and I will cherish every step of the way.
Harper and Bentley, God has planted the sweetest little hearts in both of you... Your smiles, vibrant spirits and honest joy are little sparkles of heaven to me and your daddy. You inspire your mommy and daddy everyday to be better, to keep growing and to never give up. It is our life-long prayer that we will allow God to transform us, so we can love you both (and others) like He does. We will never be perfect at it, and when we are not... look to Jesus... and we promise to keep on trying. We love you both, Oh! so much and ALWAYS will!
I don't want to fool anyone... the transition to two has been hard. Really hard. It's always difficult and challenging when God stretches you and gives you more to watch over than before. It's been overwhelmingly difficult to stretch into two kids for us... and at the same time... a new state, a new home, a new church and new friends. For those that know me, I am an exceptionally emotional/sentimental woman (let's face it, we all are to some extent)... not exactly a personality that goes smoothly with change.
For that reason, I am so thankful for you, Jeremy... for supporting me (and the kids) with an unending love... For always taking the extra step when I can't go any further. You have revealed so much to me about your character - your heart to follow God and desire to lead us. I am so blessed, thankful and in love with you. I am so happy to be called your wife.
Right after we moved, I had a close family friend share with me a quote that helped her in similar circumstances:

"Bloom where you are planted".

Whenever I have been bowled over by the emotions of change, I have remembered this quote, in addition to opening my Bible. Thank you Lin, for your encouragement... you had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me when you shared it. God has us here now... with our two kids and it may be a challenge, but it is not a mistake. We want to bloom here in Oregon, however long God has us here.
(This picture is the sunset taken from our balcony... we are so thankful.)

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  1. Ahhh,,,so sweet, Audi! You are in one of those growth periods of life, which stretch but also broaden us so much. God is using you and Jeremy in your kids'lives, but also in the lives of so many others. Love your blog! And love you, too...Lin