Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

9 Months and a Totally Different Boy

Bentley, sweet boy, you have now reached the 9 month mark, and you have changed over night from a baby into a little boy! You are our chill, go-with-the-flow child... and we love that about you.
For the first 8months, you went along for our whirlwind of a family ride and never made much of a fuss or statement. The constant comment I have always gotten is, "wow, he never makes a peep or cries. Is he always like this?" Yes, you mostly have been. Your sister had a weekly gymnastics class for months that I had to help her with, and week after week everyone would say, "you would never know you had a baby on your back... he just watches and smiles back there." That is who you are Bentley. Happy, laid back, eager to watch everything (especially Harper), and often smiling. I think you got most of that from your daddy. You boys even out the girls in the family, thank goodness!
The ninth month has been a change. Not bad at all, just more fun, more busy and full of seeing more of your personality. You were so laid back the first 8 months that you didn't care too much to crawl. You were happy to sit for a while. You then moved on to being happy to stand holding on to something. Now you are everywhere! Moving around the house with ease, pulling up to stand wherever possible and getting into all kinds of things mommy and daddy hadn't put out of your reach (we have now). You love trying to do what Harper is doing and you prefer to be with us all the time, following us from room to room as quickly as you can go. You are SO proud of yourself whenever you climb up and stand next to a different piece of furniture or toy. You yell and laugh with delight that you are now strong enough to do these things on your own! It is precious to watch.
You are a "mama's boy" mostly because I'm the one at home with you everyday. I know all your in's and out's... how you like your bottle warmed, how to feed you as fast as you would like it, what signs mean you're tired, and what makes you feel comforted. Truthfully, I know beyond those day to day needs being filled by me, at heart... you are a "dada's boy". You light up when he walks in the room, you love being in his arms and "walking" with him, and you love how daddy makes you laugh! You boys just melt my heart watching you interact.
Bentley, you ADORE your sister. I hope your relationship stays like this forever, but I know that most all siblings go through their spats and rough years. I will take it like it is as long as God graces us with it. Your connection with Harper is so very different than with mommy and daddy. Out of a room full of people, you watch and study Harper, hands down every time. Daddy and I joke about how you are taking notes on what Harps is doing, so that someday you can take each trick and tumble one step further. Every night, Harper gives you a kiss and says goodnight to you before we take you to bed; and every night you belly laugh so hard when she leans in to kiss you. Sometimes Harper will even entertain us a bit and kiss you over and over again so we can all hear you laugh numerous times - each time with the same level of excitement and laughter! Oh, you have no idea how cute this is!
Just like your sister, you are nine months old with only 1 and a 1/2 teeth. Both on the bottom. You are not a picky eater, and at this point are a more versatile eater than your sister was at this point - enjoying things like quinoa, asparagus, and black beans! You love playing in the water (preferably with your sister) and love jumping whenever someone will help you or put you in your jumper. You are a big dude for your age. You look and sometimes even act like a one year old. You have your doctor's appointment next week and I am so curious where your stats are at. If you are at all like your sister, you will start tapering off on the growth and weight gain in a few months. For your sake, we do hope you are a bit taller than your sister ;)
Bentley, you are the sweetest little boy your daddy and I could have EVER imagined! We are so blessed to be your parents and to get to watch your every development. You have a softness about your personality that is endearing and a sparkle in your eyes that fills our hearts with joy. We love you Bentley-boo!

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