Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Turning into Little Friends

This is a pretty regular occurrence between Harper and Bentley these days... Oh how this laughter is life-giving to Jeremy and I!

As of recently, Bentley and Harper have a turned a small, but monumental corner. They have become little friends! They have always liked each other - but more in the "I notice you are sort of fun and always around" kind of way. Now, it seems to have clicked that they can be buddies, play and have secrets together (like when they hide in Harper's princess tent and laugh endlessly back and forth - Jeremy and I have no idea what's so funny).
Harper has been highly interested in feeding Bentley recently... she is learning she has to be quick with this boy's food!
Much of this has naturally come about due to Bentley's emerging personality and his growing abilities to get around, play and interact. I have said it before and I will again: Bentley LOVES Harper. He looks up to her and absolutely lights up when she comes around. No one makes him laugh as much (sorry dad) and no one can distract him as well (like when I'm making his food). The novelty at this stage is that the feeling has become more and more mutual: Harper LOVES Bentley. She always asks where he is if he isn't in plain view, she can't wait to wake him up first thing in the morning, and she is ever so sweetly concerned for his happiness. I absolutely love hearing her greet him, "Hi Bent-eeee"!
Our house is full of so much joy because of these two little people... We are so thankful Jesus.


  1. Adorable children Audi. God has truly blessed you:)


  2. The giggling! I love how his laugh is deep, that is medicine to the soul! Josiah watched and asked for more laughing :)