Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Little Preschooler

Harper started preschool in September.  She LOVES it!  I knew she was ready for it.

We decided to put Harper into a small co-op preschool that was offered to us through a friend of mine.  We are so blessed to have Mrs. Stillinger be Harper's first teacher.  Through Mrs. Stillinger's experience, Harper is getting to experience some neat opportunities to learn.  They are learning the basics like letters, numbers, problem solving, how to hold their pen correctly, etc. But Mrs. Stillinger is also able to incorporate weekly memory verses, character quality focus, communication practice, cooking, music, art, gardening and more.

It's been fun to see her expand her independence, explore her creativity and grow her knowledge and heart.  She looks forward to going each Friday and wishes it were more often.  It has also created some special time for Bentley and I to have some time together - which I am cherishing.

One funny thing I am seeing and learning about our sweet girl is that she is like her daddy in ONE huge way.  She does NOT want to be asked about her day!  I would ask her after school, BSF class, Sunday school, etc. how her time was.  What did she do?  What did she learn?  I often got the answer, "I don't want to talk about it." or a blank stare off in the distance.  I felt upset inside when this first was happening... why didn't my little girl want to share with me about these really important/exciting times in her life?  It took a while for it to click.  But I remembered that Jeremy was this same way when he was younger.  He wanted a little space to decompress and process before spilling the beans.  Harper is the exact same way.  She gets upset if I press her for an answer right away.  Instead, I'm learning to be ok with giving her some space and time.  And I am seeing that it always comes out eventually.  In random conversations, in her play, in her story-telling... If I wait, she will give me pieces... one at a time... in her time.
 First day of school!
 My sweet, sweet 3.5 year old!

 Had to get a mommy and me picture on her first day...
 Mrs. Stillinger and her adorable crew: Zach, Emma, Abby, Harper and Lucy.

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