Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I love everything this Christmas season brings.  I love the decorations and the crafts (no matter how simple my efforts are).  How we cherish our time together as a family and get the chance to create lasting traditions.  How it makes us think of others more than normal.  How we get to share Jesus with our kids in special ways because it's all about His birthday.  All of it is simply beautiful to me.
I love the extra snuggles because it's cold and dark outside.
I love my spontaneous dates because some little people can't quite sit through Christmas concerts yet.
I love family hot chocolate dates around the table after dinner.
I love crafting with my mom in the evening hours when the house is still and quiet.
And I love actually finishing something too!
I love the added decorative sparkle all around the house.
I love my little shopping buddies who prefer monkeying around wherever they go.
I love our little enthusiastic spirits who want to craft in the kitchen at 7am.
I love that our house is covered in family-made decorations.
I love spontaneous decisions to take the kids to see Christmas lights past their bedtime.
I love watching them soak up the spirit of Christmas with wonder.
Sometimes... I simply love.
I love the opportunity to love our neighbors a little bit more with Christmas tins of goodies.
I love snowman building days with my bug and boo.
And I love thawing out together.
I love my pink...
And I love my blue.
I love the extra special moments with family and grandparents.
And I love the added tradition of little kid Christmas programs!


  1. And I love all of it! Merry Christmas to all of u!

  2. I love this and I love you all!!!

    Julia P