Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ice Skates

 Right after New Years, our family set out on an adventure.  A cold, icy adventure.

This past Christmas was the first year Harper actually sat on Santa's lap... without bursting into tears.  It was a really BIG deal.  And a tell tale sign she's growing up!  Of course little brother wouldn't touch Santa with a 10 foot pole (good boy buddy - he's still a stranger to you ;).

Jeremy and I stood close by and were curious what Harper would ask Santa for this year.  We had heard her talk about a horse on a stick (go-figure), a scooter, etc.  But we were truly surprised to hear Harper ask Santa for ICE SKATES!  Yes, ICE SKATES!

And boy!  Did Santa come through?!?

Somehow Santa just knew figure skates just wouldn't cut it in this house (perhaps having to do with mommy's past ice hockey days)...  So he brought Harper pink Bauer skates!

Harper was thrilled beyond thrilled and kept wanting to wear them in the house (Gasp! Not on the new carpet!).  So we made plans for a family date at the ice rink near by.

Of course Mimi and Baba had to come watch.  I think Baba was praying she'd be a hockey player prodigy, even if it was her 1st time on skates ;)

What were the results?

One kid in HEAVEN.  One kid in full panic TEARS.

Bentley was screaming in delight from the moment we walked in.  Harper was reserved and cautious.  Bentley was ready to charge the ice immediately.  Harper was unsure.  Bentley went right out and skated in stride.  Harper completely melted down when we tried to get her near the door onto the ice.

As we helped Harper warm up to the idea, we did finally come to understand that she was afraid the ice would break apart like a pond and she would fall into the water.  Poor girl :(

I truly knew she would love it if she could just get out there... so, I let her watch me skate a couple laps, I took Bentley out... and then it was her turn.  The scene still involved crying and a lot of tears, but as soon as she was out there - the tears stopped and she did great!  I know she enjoyed it because she keeps talking about it and wants to go again.  Her only condition was that I not EVER let go of her ;)  You got it my girl!

Getting ready.  I have to say, all of this took me WAY down memory lane.  And yes, it still hurts my hands to lace up my skates!

Loved helping Harps learn to skate!  Maybe she'll want to play a cold sport too?

 See that smile?!?  She did have a lot of fun!  And I have to say... I was sparkling inside too.  I loved getting back on the ice.  It's something I haven't tapped into in over 8 years.  Pure heaven.
This little guy was so surprising!  We wondered if he'd be able to join in the fun.  My how he showed us!  I literally have never seen him so excited and happy to do something.  Not over gymnastics, not over anything.  He was so brave and capable.  It was amazing to see something new spark in him like that ;)

 Bentley was beaming with pride over Mimi & Baba watching him skate!

Daddy skating with our little ice maniac!  Precious boy! 

 Family shot after the session was over.  Jeremy and I vowed that these are the kinds of moments we want to do more of in our lifetime as a family.  It was fun, active, created learning opportunities and amazing memories!

I laughed when Jeremy told me ice skating was his one dating "fail" with me.  This was Jeremy and my first time going skating together!  Seriously not sure how that happened ;)  Maybe because he didn't want to skate with me, maybe because I didn't want him to feel bad ;)  Skating was a HUGE part of my life for so long and all before Jeremy and I met.  Until this family date, I forgot how it's one of those things that makes me feel alive.  And Jeremy had never seen that with me in regard to skating.

This picture is for all my friends who never believe me when I say I used to play hockey ;)

Maybe one of these days one of our kids will want to play hockey and I'll get to help teach them... until then, I think we'll have more ice skating family dates ;)  It was a blast!


  1. You CAN still play you know! Spring season starts soon! Come out and play with us!

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