Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sibling Love

I just got this short little video while on our recent vacation to Maui.

This one minute clip gives a little glimpse into the sweet, sweet relationship and bond Harper and Bentley have right now as brother and sister.  I feel cheesy saying so, but Jeremy and I have countless moments where we just look at each other in awe over how much these two enjoy and adore each other.

Right now Harper's in the phase of asking me if she can marry Bentley some day.  And anytime Harper is absent, Bentley's crying for his sister.  It's truthful to say they are best friends.

On a funny side note, we've been getting the question almost regularly about whether these two are twins... they are 21 months apart, but the same weight and almost the same height.  Jeremy and I agree with the strangers who ask: they do look like twins!  I don't have a clue as to what typical twins act like... but if I were to imagine or guess, the bond would look something like Harper and Bentley.

Of course, they have their typical sibling spats over who gets the blue fork or who gets a turn first.  But right now their bond is beyond precious.

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