Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Garden

One of the ways that I have begun to explore feeding my family locally grown, organic produce is through growing a small garden in my backyard. With the help of my good friend Kristy, we did just that... along with her promise to kill ANY and ALL spiders we came across! We spent one day weeding and buying the plants and another day planting them. The planting boxes in my backyard already contained strawberries, mint, parsley and one tomato plant. To boot, the house we rent already has orange, tangerine and lemon trees! We added to the mix: cucumber, red and yellow bell peppers, squash, jalapenos, one more tomato plant, basil, cilantro and thyme. Here's to healthy eating and hoping I don't kill them ;)
Here is Kristy, with Josiah and Harper, who were eager to play in the dirt.
We hope in the future they will eat more produce than dirt!
Our beautiful orange trees... fresh squeezed juice anyone?
This box contains all the vegetables, as well as the cilantro and basil.
We planted the thyme in the box with the strawberries, parsley and mint.
Jeremy is feeding Harper fresh tangerines picked right off the tree, YUM!

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  1. Wow your garden looks fantastic!!! I can't wait to sample some of those treats :) I love Harper's little curls...too cute. Love you guys