Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip to Oregon

A couple weeks ago, we were able to make it up to Portland, Oregon for a week to see our families. We arrived with great anticipation, as we had planned to tell our families that we are expecting baby #2 this fall! We planned a Swift/Nelson dinner get together for the day after we arrived since we wanted to tell them all at once. It wasn't easy faking not being prego as I suffer from a good amount of morning sickness. Thankfully, we planned to spend the first 24 hrs with my mother and father-in-law (I knew my family's coffee drinking habit would have me pegged in no time!). The afternoon before the big dinner announcement, we had lunch with the Swift side of the family. My sister-in-law Bonnie, her husband Josh and their daughter Claire were all there to join us. As we were getting ready to eat, Josh pulled out his cell phone and said, "get a load of this!"... then we heard the sound of a strong heartbeat... YES! Baby #2 is on the way for them!!!

As the conversation proceeded, Jeremy and I dogged bullets as they asked us if we were expecting too... we asked why they would think that? After all, we do still have a 15 month old to chase after... don't we have our hands full enough? I felt a little guilty about the lying, but J and I stuck to the plan that we wanted to tell both sides of the family TOGETHER.

Later that evening with all the families together, we put Harper's "Big Sister" t-shirt on her under her jacket and waited for the right moment to unveil our news. After dinner was well underway, Jeremy took off her little jacket and let her roam around and play... then we waited for someone to catch on. It took a good 20 minutes before Bonnie asked if that shirt was supposed to mean something. When we told them it was true and admitted our little lies earlier... the whole room erupted with excitement, laughter and tears of joy. Bonnie and Josh's second baby is due just 4 days before ours... We feel so blessed to share such a special time of life and memories together!

All of that news definitely set off our trip to Oregon with a bang. We enjoyed the rest of the trip spending some quality time with both families: Harper and I got to go to the Oregon coast with my mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law for the day (someplace I hadn't been in almost 6 years!). My mom also finally taught me how to sew! We made two blankets together and now I can say that I'm HOOKED. We also got to visit the Oregon zoo with all the Swift's, which was a treat. Jeremy and I even got to have a date night and attend a Blazer vs. Dallas basketball game! We must say - that is one of our favorite things to do ;)

Our visit was wonderful and never long enough. I can't say that I am ever completely ready to leave... We love our families and how they pour into us and especially our daughter. I look back on trips like this and see just how important that grandparent relationship is. Harper is now old enough to have really special interactions with her Mimi and Pappy and Nana and OoOo AND completely know who they are. As always when we come home... we are already planning our next trip to Oregon.


  1. I love it, Audi! Let me be your first No. 1 fan! And I look forward to more pics of my favorite person in the world. (Not you, Jeremy...) Love you all! K.

  2. I love it too, Audi! How fun for me to read your entry and envision all you
    wrote about. As always, we care deeply for you all, and appreciate so much the little glimpses into your life that blogging provides. The pictures are such a bonus. I'll be your #2 fan. Mimi

  3. Good for you Audi, you finally conquered the blogging world!! Look forward to future entries to come :)

    P.S. Harps is getting seriously adorable w/ that hair getting longer!!

  4. I am so glad you are doing this! I love being able to "catch up" with what is going on in your lives. We miss and love you all dearly! Can't wait to compare prego bellies soon =)!

    I love you!
    P.S. I'm your #3 fan, then.