Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Family Time

Over the past few weeks, we have been blessed to have both my cousin and my mom come to visit us. Family means so much to me, so to get a double-dose over two weeks was wonderful!

My cousin Kelly took her sacred vacation time and stayed with us for a week. It was wonderful to spend time with her and get to know her sweet heart even more. Harper especially LOVED Kelly and even said her name by the middle of the week! I took her around to see different parts of San Diego, we went running often, cooked together, and had many great conversations!
One of our favorite nights... we took Kelly out to the hotel Del in Coronado for drinks, yummy food and a gorgeous sunset.
Love this girl ;)
We had lunch up in La Jolla and walked around seal beach. So much fun!

My mom came the following weekend for a few days while Jeremy was away, which gave us an all girls weekend! It was a special time for Harper to spend some quality time with her Mimi and for me to get some much needed "mama time" too. My mom means the world to me - she is my best girlfriend, easy to spend time with and always an encouragement. Thank you mom for loving Harper and I so much on this memorable trip!
Harper gave her Mimi lots of sweet kisses, which Mimi says was her favorite part.
The three of us girls enjoyed going to the park to eat lunch and play before Mimi had to fly home.
Harper and Mimi shared a "baba" moment, which are becoming few and far between.
Mimi made Harper laugh harder all weekend than I had heard in a while...

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  1. These are gorgeous pics, Audi! You really do have an amazing mama...nice to have a good model, huh?