Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Growing up before our eyes!

Jeremy and I were just talking this morning over coffee about how fast Harper is growing up. She is already 16 months old, trying to talk, climbing on everything and extremely independent. Right now she is all about feeding herself, "reading" to herself, walking by herself and if she could she'd probably change her diaper by herself... Before we know it, Jeremy is going to be walking her down the aisle!

We love, love, love the spirit and love for life that Harper has! There is never a dull moment with her, whether she's laughing or crying. We are reminding ourselves to cherish every day and every change we experience with her as this time is precious. Here are a few pictures of what Harper's been up to lately.

Yes, that's our daughter with ALL of my credit cards in hand. Shopping spree anyone??
Harper has adopted the Rice Krispies box as her own "possession"... We don't dare try to join in. She walks all over the house with it, leaving her mommy sweeping quite often!
Since we don't have a swimming pool, we make up our own water fun for Harps.
Harper LOVES to pretend to drink coffee like mama and dada. Don't worry folks, it's empty!
Harper is into wearing whatever clothes of mama's that she can find within reach.
Hats were the old obsession... now on to wearing sunglasses!

Here's Harper about a month ago, wearing mama's sunglasses and trying to talk. We have found that she isn't shy to "try" to say whatever we suggest to her - for good or bad ;)


  1. That is too funny. Annika won't say "mama" either...she always says daddy when I ask, but when I ask for "mama" she says "baba"... nice. I'm so jealous Eric got to see you guys again! We can't wait for July!

  2. That's our girl! What a cutie!. Thanks for sharing a bit of life with her.She has to crack you of the blessings of parenthood. Counting the days til we see you all!

  3. holy cow, she is too cute! We are so very excited to share these moments with you guys soon. We love you!