Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

San Diego Reflections

It has now been almost 3 weeks since the Swift family made the big move up to Portland, Oregon. I can honestly say it's been a complete whirlwind of transition and change. Even though we've already had a few (to be expected) emotional ups and downs, we know and are trusting that God is good and He is with us - paving a new way of life for us up here.
Even though just removed, I am overwhelmed when I reflect on our experience in San Diego. God has been so faithful to us, teaching and molding us through our time and relationships there.
We were surrounded by so many relationships that touched our hearts, helped us grow, and stood by us through many of life's changes: the Studes, the Jungs, the Heinrichs, the Meshots, the Lehmans, the Yates, the Jacksons (plural), all of my growth group ladies, our Rock Bible study group, and countless others who we don't forget.
So much of our history was knit together in San Diego, around these dear friends. It's the place where we both went to school, we spent most of our dating years, met and groomed lifelong friends, grew together from newlyweds into a (more) mature marriage, had our first baby and made countless "young family" memories with our daughter. Most importantly, it's where Jeremy and I both feel God has worked on our hearts and tried to grow us the most so far. Yes, San Diego holds so much that is precious to our hearts.
In light of all the blessings that came out of our time there... Jeremy and I have grown more and more to desire what God wants for us. I don't want to over-spiritualize our decision to move up here, but we do feel God's hand of peace over us that this is what's right for us, for now.
We are already soaking up the sweet aroma of having family so close to us... We are enjoying conversations, experiences and many meals that don't have to be packed into a single weekend - leaving us more exhausted than anything else. We have so many hopes for stronger relationships and more memories with our parents and siblings, finding a church we can grown in and give back to, new experiences with cold weather sports and being open to new friendships that God will bring our way.
Right now is just the hard part... we still feel the aching of not having our friends near by and of not having our family "normal" and all the things we miss... yet, we are in a place of waiting and looking forward with anticipation for God to reveal new directions for us.
Thanks to Katie Eaton and the book she gave me, I am quickly learning a simple lesson: to not compare our new circumstances with our old ones. To let our past as a family in San Diego just be... sweet, sweet memories; and let our future together in the Northwest just come...
Thank you to all of our family and friends who have supported us, loved us and walked with us through this chapter of change. You have left us with a sweet taste of what Christ's love for us really encompasses...

~ Much love, Jeremy, Audi, Harper and baby boy Swift


  1. Well said Ms. Audi!!! You guys are absolutely missed and we are excited to see how God uses your family in the northwest... a beautiful family it is too! love you - lehmans

  2. Beautiful pics of such a beautiful family! When we were in Saudi Arabia for 3 yrs, feeling so isolated from loved ones, I loved this saying: "Bloom where you are planted". Your experience is different, but the message still is that God will use you, grow you, stretch you, bless you no matter where He places you. I KNOW this will happen for you, too. Hope we can see you more now:) Love you, Lin