Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harper, 21months... and About to be a Big Sister!

We are just days away, maybe even hours away, from welcoming Harper's little brother! As I try to remain patient and find ways to pass the waiting time, I thought it appropriate to document what Harper's been up to these days.
We are continually amazed by Harper's spirit. She is so full of life and spunk - rarely lacking a smile and an infectious laugh. Jeremy and I often catch ourselves looking at each other saying, "where did this little girl come from? We do not deserve her ;)" These days she is ALL about being independent and trying things out for herself. She also has continued to be our "easy-going, go with the flow" type of child. Thank goodness since our life has been outlined by change over the past months!
Harper has also been chatting up a storm! Often with words we know and understand and other times... she speaks to us in what sounds like full sentences... but we have NO idea what she is saying and is convinced of.
Some of our Favorite Words and Phrases:
  • Harper's first 2-word phrase was discovered while I let her play in the driver's seat of my car. She was playing with all the buttons and said, "Wow, Cool!"
  • Whenever we ask Harper if she would like to do or have something, she responds with "do!" (meaning "I do" instead of "yes").
Mommy: "Harper, do you want to go outside?"
Harper: "Do!"
Mommy: "Do you need help getting your shoes on?"
Harper: "Do!"
Mommy: "Should we blow bubbles together?"
Harper: "Do!"
  • We also love the way Harper tells us she loves us each night before bed:
Daddy: "Say 'I'..."
Harper: "I"
Daddy: "Say 'love'..."
Harper: "You!" (she says it in a singing tone)
  • One of her first clear(er) phrases came the other morning when Daddy took Harper's paci out of her mouth so he could give her a kiss and say good morning... she responded in a sleepy, waking up tone "give me paci". Ummm... ok.
Things she Loves:
  • Being outside! (all the time if she could)
  • Dancing ANYtime music comes on!
  • Taking her shoes off (a true Southern California girl)
  • Feeding the cow at Mimi and Pappy's house
  • Elmo, Cookie Monster and Grover
  • Fruits, vegetables, yogurt and meat
  • Jumping, climbing or anything physically active
  • The color orange
  • Playing at her water table with her cousin Claire
  • Smelling any and all flowers
  • Playing at the park - especially swinging
  • Her baby stroller
  • She would never admit it... but she loves her sleep
Things she Doesn't Like:
  • Having her hair brushed
  • Seeing anything/anyone get hurt
  • Bugs

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  1. Aww thats soo sweet, Malachi really liked feeding the cow at your parents also... He was alittle taken back at first by the size of the cow Im sure. But he loved it.. He kept running back for more fruit to feed... I love that pic of Harps and your mom (and cow) lol... So sweet!!