Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Sweet Bentley

I cant believe it's been nearly two months since we brought Bentley home from the hospital... he is now 7 weeks old and we are loving getting to know our son! I feel like we are finally past that stage where you don't really know your baby and it often feels awkward. We finally know what all his different cries mean, that he prefers to be swaddled when he's tired and we can always count on a smile from him when we tickle his cheeks. At this point, Jeremy and I still consider Bentley to be a very mellow boy. He is often happy just hanging out in his bouncy seat, swing or in our arms without a peep. We are certainly glad he doesn't spend most of his day crying, since the nurses who helped delivered him informed us he was born with a 3-month-old cry... the boy is LOUD!

It is so special at this early stage of his life to feel incredibly connected to him as his mom. As is natural, it's been difficult for Jeremy to feel as close to each of our kids while they're newborns... mostly due to the fact that he's not the one feeding them and the rest of the time they sleep. Since Bentley has been much more alert and smiley as of the past weeks, I've been able to witness Jeremy's bond with him grow... and I do say... my boys are so cute together!
I feel incredibly blessed to have such a healthy and happy baby boy. I was just driving in my car today with the kids and as I glanced back at them I thought, "my dream has come true". When I was a little girl playing with her dolls, I always dreamed that someday I'd have a car with the back row filled with babies... that makes me smile.

Bentley is absolutely precious and has melted my heart to pieces. I can't wait to continue to watch his personality grow and help shape him into a young man of character who loves the Lord. I love you my sweet boy!
Harper has been eager to share her toys with her brother... it'll be just a bit longer until he can really play with you sweetie, but we appreciate the gesture!
Jeremy and his Dad (OoOo) with Bentley on Thanksgiving.
Getting some love and quality time from his Nana.
OoOo getting his quality time too!
Back at it... Me and my boy after our first "official" run together. Boy was it COLD!
Brother and sister... She just couldn't keep his attention.
We had a blast giving both our kids their first bath together... Harper is turning into quite the little helper with Bentley and we love it!

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