Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The holidays 2010

Whew! The holidays are over and we are on to the new year... But November and December weren't without a handful of special memories and moments. Christmas was special this year for two specific reasons: 1) it was Bentley's first Christmas, and 2) it was the first Christmas where Harper actually seemed to get "it". It is SO incredibly magical to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. We got lots of time with family baking, watching Christmas movies, seeing Christmas lights and taking the kids to see Santa Clause (which was hilarious as both our kids were screaming and crying!). We look forward, as our kids get older, to explaining the REAL meaning of Christmas and Jesus birth and sacrifice; and the importance of giving to others and loving others. What a great holiday season it was! Here are a few pictures that highlighted a few fun moments...
Harper and Claire taking a bath together and like always... feeding off of each others' energy!
Our family picture on Thanksgiving day
Our little "cheeser"... Any time a camera comes into view, Harper yells out "cheese!"
The Swift boys. These are the BEST moments captured!
Me and my incredible husband... Go Oregon State!
Sweet kisses from my girl
Bentley and Jensen hanging out while I did some Christmas baking with Bonnie and Yvonne. Bentley is surprisingly serious here, where usually he is smiling like his cousin. Jensen is 2 weeks older and we are already having so much fun seeing them grow and develop at the same time!
Our handsome little man!
I loved seeing Bentley in this sweater on Christmas Eve. Thank you Uncle Josh and Auntie Jordan!
Harper took her position near the presents early on Christmas Eve.
It took a little bit, but she finally got the hang of the "opening the presents" thing. Her most favorite past time besides opening presents... being "nakie" (i.e. diaper only)! Which has lead us to having to make the rule: ONLY at home! As I have had to fight this battle in public a couple times!
We gave Harper this giant kitty pillow first on Christmas Eve and she practically laid on it the rest of the day! It was the perfect place for her to relax while the adults finished up a beautiful dinner made by my mom and sister.
Mr. man helped his mommy open gifts until late into the evening... next year will be so much more fun for him ;)
Santa's little helper.
Daddy and his little boy on Christmas morning.
Auntie Bonnie and Uncle Josh gave Harper these Elmo pj's, while Nana and OoOo gave her sparkly tennis shoes... they had to go on immediately!
Harper loves to "hide" under her blankie all the time... I was special enough to be included in hiding with her and surprising daddy.

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