Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incredible Two

My amazing, beautiful Harper~

You are now two years old. It seems just yesterday that we were rocking you to sleep, wrapped in a blanket, like we now do with your brother. We visited Mimi and Baba today and as you were entertaining us endlessly with your language skills and overflowing personality... I said out loud, "I don't ever want her to grow up and change... she is amazing right NOW". (The truth is, you've been amazing at every stage and I always say this.) I just don't want to forget how you are now at TWO and I want to soak it up. I am blessed beyond what my mind could have ever conceived when thinking of what it might be like to have a daughter. You are my joy; you are my girl.
You are so full of life my sweet girl! From the moment you wake up in the morning with your squeals of joy to your sweet kisses and "I you mama. I you dada." (I love you mama/dada) at night. You are social and joyful like your dada. Emotional, loving and passionate like your mama.

You still love Elmo and can spot him a mile away in a store aisle. Buzz Lightyear is your 2 year old super hero (following Carter's footsteps). We love hearing you try to say, "To infinity and beyond!" And today I got the biggest thrill listening to you try to explain to Mormie (great-grandma) how Buzz went to the Moon (was put away during your birthday party) and just got back.
You are daring, unafraid and free. This is most obvious when you climb on anything (we allow you to that is) and do things like summersaults off the couch! You are sensitive and oh so empathetic towards others, especially when you hear your brother cry... I love that about you!

You love music and DANCING! We've lost track of the hours we've danced with you or you have danced with your "friends" (toys/dolls). Your "highly developed" sense of music makes us laugh as you LOVE Rod Stewart and Feist the best. You are obsessed with shoes, especially the sparkly ones... and we call them your dancing shoes, as you love to hear them "click, clack" on the floor like a tap dancer. I cherish the moments when I sing "Jesus Loves me" to you at bedtime. You pump your legs to get me to sway and belt out each word in your own pronunciation.
I love how you say, "hold you" when you want up. Even though you are growing up faster than I can process, those moments where you want to be held and snuggled remind me that you are still my little girl and always will be. I grin with delight when I hear you say, "hi buddy" or "hi Bentley" when you see your brother. He already looks up to you and loves you when you play with him. You are already such a good big sister!
Dada and I are so honored and humbled that God has entrusted your life to us... to love, guide and support you. We look forward to every precious moment God gives us with you in the future. Your Mama and Dada forever love you Harper!

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