Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Few Pictures from February

I'm sure most young families feel the way that we do... life just seems to go by faster and faster. It's hard to keep up sometimes. I wanted to post a few pictures from last month real quick.

Josh and Jordan came up to Portland (again!) to bring us some love and it was WONDERFUL! As soon as they flew in, Portland saw some crazy weather which included snow. Needless to say Jordan had us cranking the heat (thanks jord ;)) At the beginning of the basketball year, Jeremy snagged 4 Blazer-Laker tickets with the Stude's in mind. The evening was full of us jabbing each other at the game - all of us in our perspective team gear! We also will cherish the memory of our "Portland progressive dinner". How is it so easy spending hours and hours together? You guys are so dear to our hearts... We love the conversations we have and the life moments we share together. We couldn't ask more intentional friends. Thank you for being your amazing-selves... and especially for the way you adore our kids!
Jordan with Harper and Bentley in the playroom... they loved their new "playmates" for the long weekend since Jordan and Josh smother them with love and can turn into big kids pretty easily ;)
The four of us at the Blazer-Laker game. What a fun memory! It couldn't have been a more competitive game for us to go to... pretty sure those were the only 4 hours we've EVER not been friends ;)
Jordan making funny faces at Bentley... he loved her!
Harper is easily Bentley's favorite entertainment... he watches her and studies her every move. Jeremy and I just step back and smile when we watch their precious and honest interactions.
Harper is quickly growing up into a tiny lady... even though it feels like a rare picture when we get her all put together. Usually the hairbands and bows don't last and before you know it, she is either changing into other clothes or going "diaper only" style! Gotta love it!
Our handsome little man. He is FULL of smiles! We laugh, because his smiles are absolutely unprovoked sometimes... you just look over at him and he is grinning with delight. We love it Bentley! We have decided, we think he's a lot like Harper in that he is happy, happy, happy... but even more laid back than she was (we weren't sure that was possible back then). He is now rolling over a bit and tolerates tummy time okay. Yes, he still has to deal with the pink floor mat... we think he's tougher for it.
Me... going crazy with 2 kiddos... wouldn't trade it for anything!

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  1. oh my goodness harper looks like such a big girl! She is beautiful! And Bentley and Audrey would have so much fun smiling at each other...hope we get to see you guys soon!