Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harper's 2nd Birthday (A Belated Post)

I know, I know... it's WAY late in posting this, but once again... this is for the record... for Harper.

Sweetie, your 2nd birthday was a true month long celebration. You were very, very sick with a nasty cold and double ear infection for the 2 weeks leading up to January 15th. To add craziness to the mix, we moved into our new home on Nicole Loop 2 days before your birthday. We were supposed to fly to San Diego on your birthday to spend the week with friends and celebrate your birthday at Disneyland with the Meshot's. Last minute, we decided to postpone our flight by a day so you and Bentley could get better. We were so on the fence about going at all.

SO... your actual birthday was spent in our new home full of boxes everywhere and you and your brother wanting to be held ALL day. What a memory! We did manage to make you peanut butter, banana and chocolate pancakes as a special treat.
You LOVE pancakes with chocolate (surprise!)... You were such a trooper being sick on your day. Good thing you were too young to be upset about it ;)
We took a chance and flew to SD the next day and were blessed to get to have dinner at Josh and Jordan's home, where they celebrated you in style. They bought all your favorite foods: yogurt, avocado and fruit; and they EVEN stood in line (at sunrise) at Sprinkles bakery to get you a vegan cupcake!!! Is that love or what?!? You absolutely enjoyed eating it and trying on the clothes Jordan picked out for you (the purple shirt was a hit!). Auntie Jordan and Uncle Josh are truly our family in the love that we share. (We were awful at taking pictures on this particular trip... so no pics from Josh and Jordan's).

The next big celebration of you turning 2 was with the Meshot's at the end of our trip to SD. We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and drove up to Disneyland to meet them for a day of fun. As we entered the park and walked around Main Street and saw all the rides, you were in sheer amazement and quietly took it all in. The Meshot's guided us around to some fun little kid spots (since they had been there before with Carter) and you loved it!
Dada and I do admit, you were a little young to be able to embrace the full experience... but it was a great day nonetheless! We loved our time with Adam, Rhiannon and Carter!!
You adore Rhiannon (she is SO good with you!) and Carter has always had a special spot in your heart. I melt seeing you and Carter together playing, since we spent so much time together when we lived in SD. The mommies got to take you and Carter on a few rides (so fun)... and You, dada and the Meshot's even braved Pirates of the Caribbean! You impressed me and did great!
Favorite Harper-Carter moments were: when you guys were totally exhausted, we gave you guys suckers to pump you up with sugar = cute pictures; and then when you and Carter danced at the end of the evening... absolutely magical in my mind!
2 Cutie pies headed for a sugar high!!!
You and Carter watching Tom Sawyer's boat take off... there was nothing like seeing this magical place through your eyes sweetie. We look forward to many more magical moments with you as you grow and experience this world.

To officially celebrate you turning 2, we had both sides of our families over for a good old fashioned birthday party. It included your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and your second cousins.
We were brave and tried a new recipe...delicious sticky buns; and of course we had to have pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles since you love them. Yummy!
Your favorite thing to eat is (BY FAR) fruit... I often have to temper the amount that you take in on a daily basis. You are one of the few kids I worry about having a vitamin C overdose ;)
Mommy, Auntie Kara and Mimi made lots of yummy food for the party (which you gobbled up) and you had a blast running around the house with all the kids! We made it a fairy themed party and gave all the kids fairy wings... thankfully your cousin Claire helped you get over the hurdle of not wanting to wear them ;)
You are such a fun and amazing 2 year old Harper! It feel like just yesterday that we were celebrating your first birthday with Annika Jung and her parents. A lot has happened and you've grown up so much in only one year... I can't wait to see what this year of 2 holds for you!
We love you Harper Noelle and HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!

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