Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Funny Sayings to Remember

Harper, you are such a blast for your mom and dad! Two and a half has proven to have MANY challenges (I won't write about that here)... but it has also been the phase where you have said some of the funniest things to come out of your mouth yet! Here's a few from the recent weeks that I want you to be able to look back on:
  • We were in our backyard picking strawberries. You were asking me if there were any more to get and I said no... you quickly replied with deep disappointment, "oh bummer! Bummer!"
  • Your new way to express that you care about someone when they get hurt completely cracks me up. I don't recall saying it myself, but you picked it up somewhere. I stubbed my toe and said "ouch", which you replied by saying ever-so-motherly, "I'm soooorry honeeeey".
  • You love the movie Cars (thanks Josiah!) and one evening while daddy was getting you ready for bed, you decided that he should have a split personality and be Mater whenever you want some extra entertainment. Daddy was having a normal conversation and you said, "Hey Mater?" Daddy is the best and answered back in Mater's twang sort of voice... and now you always look to hear your favorite line, "my name is Mater, like ta-mater but without the 'ta". Now you've also included me to sometimes have to impersonate Mater!
  • I THINK your dad and I made a mistake by teaching you a song in the shower... (somehow) we didn't quite realize it would stick. You love taking "big girl showers" instead of a bath sometimes. We were trying to get you to learn how to wash your body yourself. Every veteran parent knows that you do this with a toddler through a song of some sort. Don't ask me why but we decided to sing" shake, shake, shake... shake, shake, shake... shake your booty, shake your booty"; (I'm hanging my head in disbelief) Because yes, you now sing this song every time you wash up!
  • I gave you edemame with your dinner and I was trying to get you to say it. You tried a few times and then were convinced it was pronounced "a-mommy".
  • You love to be playing outside when we are gardening. Today when we were about to head outside, you ran into your playroom to your "dress-up" box. You came running out with your kitty mittens on saying, "I help gardening!" We laughed with the cuteness of your resourcefulness.
We love you Harper bug. These are the little, everyday things that we don't want to forget about your wonderful 2.5 year old personality!

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