Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time With our Kids is Flying by

I can't believe how fast summer is going by... it has been full of activity, sunshine and wonderful people. I haven't been by my computer near as much to update on the kiddos or write about nutritionally related topics. But it's summertime and I've been ok with that.
Tonight is a favorite amongst the busyness. Jeremy is with friends for the evening and the kids are sleeping. Sweet, sweet silence. I am grateful for these moments to reflect.
Bentley and Harper are growing up so fast. Over the summer, Harper has turned into a little lady and Bentley seems more like a little boy than a baby everyday. I have been reminded over and over again just how precious children are and what an honor it is to be a parent.
Recently, I have been encouraged to take joy in every moment I share with my children... regardless if that is laughing and playing with them, or whether it is comforting and disciplining them. The time goes by much too quickly and before Jeremy and I know it, we will be sending them off to school... and then off on their own. I am being mindful, but not worried, of the fact that this period of time is precious, because right now we are the sole influence on our children. This is our opportunity to shape and mold in them the character and heart foundation that we want them to build their lives on. It's serious... but God is good, and is strengthening us to have a calm focus on this time with them.

Recently, we were having some discipline "issues" with Harper. I was encouraged by my friend Kara, to pray with Harper each morning about her attitude for that day. I also took the opportunity to have Harper start memorizing Bible verses. We didn't start with the "typical" children's verse you may think of... I was strategic ;) Harper now has memorized (with the help of some signing cues) Matthew 19:19, which says, "Honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself".

This time with Harper and Bentley is everything: wonderful, stretching, precious, maddening, fun, challenging, redeeming, cry-your-eyes-out tiring, beautiful and the most important job Jeremy and I will ever encounter... and we are so thankful.

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