Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whirlwind in San Diego (A picture post)

Its been a few weeks since we came home from our month in San Diego. I have been surprised how long it has taken me to feel settled back here, but then I remember just how much of a whirlwind October was! It was a roller-coaster of a month with all the friends we saw, things we did, mixed up with absolute craziness with Jeremy's work. I can't write about everything so I thought I'd just post a few highlight pictures that I actually got. There were many people and events I didn't get pictures of... For all of the friends that are not mentioned in this post - just remember that we love all of you just as much ;)
I got to spend a lot of time with the kids in the Point Loma and Ocean Beach area. They loved playing in the sand and watching the waves... I did too!
One Saturday, we got to go to PLNU's fall festival with our sweet friends, the Khalow family. It was a blast! The event was no joke as it had bounce houses, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo from the SD zoo, pony rides, live music, a rock climbing wall, etc! It equalled great family time and exhausted kiddos. During the month, we got our families together for a chaotic dinner, and Joanna and I got to meet at the park a few times with the kids. India and Harper had a blast together and Joanna and I enjoyed lots of conversations on parenting (they just had their second, a baby boy as well). Sweet times.
Harper and India were so brave and thrilled to get to ride the ponies! It was a great memory.
Jeremy's family was on vacation in Palm Springs during the month, so we met them all at Disneyland for the day. The girls were in seventh heaven running around in their Rapunzel dresses...
A quick family picture at the end of a long day with tired kiddos (yes, in true form Bentley smiled all day long - what a trooper!).
Jeremy and Harper on the Dumbo ride. She loved the flying rides; Hated the "car" rides that got pretty loud and dark. Taking a not-yet-three year old was just a bit ambitious ;)
Uncle Josh, cousin Claire and Harper starting the day in the front row of Mickey's welcome performance at the castle. It is just plain magical through your 2 year olds eyes.
I think we rode the carousel 92 times... well ok, maybe 10.
The first ride of the day was a family ride in the tea cups... they both loved it!
Even though Josh and Jordan have serious craziness in their lives right now, as Jordan is in the middle of completing her dietetic internship in LA, we still were able to see them more than a couple times. They are absolutely precious friends to us and "Auntie" and "Uncle" to the kids.
We enjoyed an afternoon up in North County at the park/beach with them and my mom... and then wound up at a coffee shop (of course!).
My mom came in the middle of the month to visit us for a long weekend... San Diego is like a second home to her since she spent so much time down there visiting us. We were joking how funny it was that she was visiting us visit SD... but we seriously were SO happy we got our Mimi visit... a month is a long time! I was especially happy that my mom could get away for some fun and a fix of Harper and Bentley, since she had a day off from teaching anyway. She is my gem ;)
We were so thankful to connect with our friends Chad and Kandice and their daughter Cassidy. They were a part of our home Bible study group through the Rock and we adore them. We got to enjoy breakfast with them and the Studes after church one week... it was hectic with all the kids, but reminded us further just how special they are.
I got to spend a very special evening out with my friend Katie. I am so thankful for her friendship, wisdom and example. I always walk away from our time completely inspired and wishing I could have more "Katie time". Sans children and husbands, we chatted the night away... literally, we were the last ones out of the restaurant. I just love her!
The kids and I got to log many hours with Kristy and her two boys, Josiah and Micah... at the park, on walks, at the zoo, etc. I always enjoy my time talking about every topic under the sun with Kristy, but this chunk of time was really fun because Harper and Josiah can now interact in a completely different way than they did a year ago. We laughed so much watching their interactions and chatter!
We walked to the end of the Ocean Beach pier from the house we were staying in. The kids had a blast and Josiah seriously impressed me... he walked most all of the way AND he "flew" his action figure Buzz Lightyear the entire way there and back... a seriously cute obsession ;)
The kids and I walked... and walked... and walked... and walked during the month of October.
And then we got ready to walk some more...
When we finally did make it back to Portland, we couldn't have been greeted by more warmth. Since our flight arrived in the late afternoon and our fridge was completely empty, our friends Adam and Elissa surprised us with a delicious homemade soup, salad, bread and dessert! Mimi and Baba came over (it WAS Halloween!) and helped us get settled.
It was such a blessing to get to reconnect with all our friends in San Diego... and just reconfirmed that those friendships are deep, authentic and vital. We were, however, so ready to be back in our own bed!

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