Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Do Kitties Eat?

As a parent, it's not unusual to have countless videos on file that really have nothing interesting on them.  You turned the video recorder on because your kid was in the middle of this super funny/super cute moment... and the minute you turned it on... they stopped. This happens to us all the time!

Our neighbors have this semi-natural looking pond next door and it is chalk full of frogs and water skippers.  One night before bed, the kids were staring out the window listening to loud frogs.  This video cracks Jeremy and I up for a couple different reasons...

  • It's hard to hear in the beginning of the video, but Harper calls water skippers "skittles".
  • Bentley is doing his adorable pointing motion... holding his finger up by his cheek to get us to look at something.
  • Bentley is also mimicking Harper saying, "shhhh"
  • Then, Harper goes on this wild, unexpected rant on what successive animals/sea creatures eat.  It goes something like this: frogs eat bugs, water skippers (bugs) eat fish, fish eat crabs, crabs eat dolphins, dolphins eat whales, whales eat kitties, and kitties apparently eat sponge bob!  I promise we do try to educate our children correctly and are not just trying to confuse them as to God's food chain design ;)
Funny kiddos... you keep your mommy and daddy smiling daily!  We love moments like this with you guys and will cherish them in our hearts forever!

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