Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers Day

I am so unbelievably thankful to be my kiddos mom! I felt overwhelmingly loved this past Sunday by my kids and especially by my husband. The thoughtful gifts, cooking, and running time he gave me made my heart full and grateful.

I think back to mother's days past, and even though I did little things for my own mom and thanked her each year... I didn't appreciate her then like I do now. I didn't realize the heart and intentions behind it all. I look at all the years she prayed for us, corrected us, rooted for us, and loved us no matter what and my heart aches with overwhelming gratitude. Both Jeremy and I have so much love and respect for our moms... Especially realizing how much we put each of you through ;)

Being a mom is THE hardest job in the world... One where you are literally pouring your heart and soul into every moment... Every decision... Every prayer.

But being a mom, I can already see, is the most rewarding and beautiful job there is too. To be shaping the hearts and character of your children and to see God's grace in and through their lives is an irreplaceable experience.

So thank you to my husband for the gift of our beautiful children... That i get to be mom. And thank you for always making me feel appreciated and supported as we create this story called our life.

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