Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Should Have Been Stitches

The day after I wrote about Bentley... And how I CAN wait till he becomes danger man on his bike... He crashed on his bike!

It was one of those "one second he's next to me, the next minute he's gone" types of moments. We were on our driveway, He was standing on his bike next to me while I helped Harper get her bike glove on. I looked up not 2 seconds later and he was in full motion headed down our two steps to our front door!!!

It looked awful from my view... As his head hit the corner of our house, which is brick. And his scream was equally as awful.

I had strapped his helmet on him just seconds before the crash. Thank the Lord I had, because as the picture proves... The chips out of his helmet would have been his forehead... And we would have been on our way to the hospital.

He did wind up with a long scratch down his face from the corner of the brick... From his eyebrow down his cheek. And a decent bruise on his cheek. He woke up the next morning with a puffy eye too :(

I have a feeling this might just be the beginning... He is quick and curious and a wonderer... The most dangerous combination. The whole thing was a huge reminder to me to ALWAYS put their helmets on before they even touch their bike... And to step up my mommy-watching, mommy-praying skills!

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