Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Friday, April 5, 2013

One More Adventure in 2013...

We are expecting our third little Swift in October!!!

As if 2013 doesn't have enough adventures in store for us, we decided to end the year with a bang! This is how the Swift's roll - big moves & new babies in the same year.

We truly couldn't be more thrilled... And for those of you who know us well: this one WAS planned ;)

Harper and Bentley are excited as well and have already both cast their votes for name and gender. Harper would like a sister named Kathy and Bentley would like a brother named Benty ;) They've already shown how wonderful and helpful they're going to be as they've helped and shown concern for their mama through morning sickness.

Jeremy has been my angel through the past couple months... Picking up major slack when he's done working or home from trips so I could lay lifeless on the couch. He has always handled the first trimester with strength, joy and plenty of extra love for me.

Last week Jeremy and got to see our little peanut for the first time, and I will tell you that NEVER gets old. Babies are an absolute miracle! Our little one was snoozing through the ultrasound, but absolutely beautiful.

We are so excited and thankful for what God is doing in our family in 2013!

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