Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas WAS just as special as I was imagining... even though Bentley was mostly interested in the bows and wrapping paper and Harper's main objective was to get through each present as fast as she could just so she could get to the next one ;)

The "specialness" or magic wasn't necessarily from their reactions to gifts (although there were a couple cute ones) but to some of the little moments surrounding Christmas:
  • We loved hearing Harper over her monitor, laying in her bed, singing Jingle Bells.
  • ANYtime she heard Silent Night on the radio, tv, or at church... she would say, "That's my song!" - that's been one of her good night songs for months.
  • Driving home last week, we were trying to distract Harper from a meltdown. Jeremy told Harper to tell him when she saw Christmas lights. From that point on, Harper has said on repeat to every house that is lit up, "There's some Christmas lights dada! There's some Christmas lights dada! There's some Christmas lights dada! And there's Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas..." We didn't think she would take him SO literally!
  • Harper was very clear that everything we did or said in preparation for Christmas was for Jesus' birthday... it was so authentic, simple and inspiring.
  • During the candle light service at church on Christmas Eve, Harper's eyes were sparkling with the magic of Christmas... It was a "stand still" moment for her mama watching her take it all in.
  • Bentley, is still quite too young to understand it all, but we cherished his love for the Christmas tree and wanting to dismantle it and then rehang the ornaments each day.
  • He did do an adorable little "dance" when he helped unwrap the Toy Story action figure set... we got that on video ;)
This year was a glimpse for us... as to how special, tender and touching the story of Jesus' birth, giving to others, and being close to those you love is to our children. It makes me wish we could carry the spirit of Christmas throughout the whole year. And why shouldn't we? I guess that is my challenge... to continue to keep Jesus' life, giving to others and being close with those we love at the core of who we shape our family to be.

I didn't capture many pictures from Christmas Eve or day... But here are a few that we did capture.

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