Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growing up

Oh Bentley boo, you are growing up faster than I can keep up with. Each day you act older and older and I can hardly wrap my brain around it.

I wanted to quickly record a few milestones for you (14 months old) since I haven't for a while.

•You refused to do any sign language for a while... I think this was for your mother's benefit to keep her pride in check ;) you now have caught on and sign: milk, eat, more, hot, dog, cracker
•You say: mama, dada, hot (ha), that (dat), ball (ba), and we have sworn more than once that you've said door! Just the other day you started putting two words together - you signed "more milk" and then said and signed "dat ha" (that hot) and pointed at the candle.
•You are a CRAZY climbing machine! Every day now, if I leave you in the playroom for even just a minute, your sister is screaming "mommy, bentley's standing on the table!" Your dad and I keep saying we see stitches in your future. Its definitely your curious and bruiser personality, but I think it's also due to "second child syndrome" - which means you take note of everything your older sibling is doing, and then you figure out how to do it better (i.e. more dangerous) and sooner.
•You are a complete boy... Literally crashing and banging on everything. There is nothing dainty or naturally gentle about you. However, I do ask you to show me what being gentle looks like and you stroke my face with your hand... So precious.
•You weigh 26lbs now, which is only 3 pounds less than your sister. It's impressive, you still have some baby rolls, but generally you're just a solid brick. You have been since birth.
•Right now you're a bit of a mama's boy... You're going through one of those attachment phases where you don't want me to hand you off to any one else! I secretly adore it ;)
•You still smile ALL the time and it melts everyone because you have "smiley eyes" and they are full of pure joy. I think there's a tiny flirt-factor you're working too...
•Right now you make me laugh because you usually won't just give out kisses. But lately, if I count to three in a silly way, you lean in for a kiss every time without fail. It cracks me up! I think you like playing games. Many a girls' heart may be crushed by you my boy ;)
•Your walking skills obviously keep improving. You now have more of a run going on... Which makes us a bit nervous ;) you have also found your rhythm and dance a bit here and their.

Bentley, we absolutely adore you! You're personality and charm is dynamic and we are so thankful for the joy you bring to this family. Just please... For your mama's sake... Stay away from the stone wall and don't learn to climb on anything else!

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