Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So much fun at Christmas

Bentley and Harper, Christmas hasn't even arrived yet and your parents are already calling this one our most favorite yet! It's because you both are at an age where you are in the beginning stages of soaking up everything... Everything about Jesus and decorating and lights and Santa and presents and giving... Everything.

We really want to let you experience everything... But reality sets in and your parents realize we can only do so much...

This past week, we've enjoyed making snowflakes, mommy/kiddo shopping days, celebrating uncle Brent's birthday, quality time with Mimi and auntie Kara, and taking cookies to our neighbors.

You both have been pretty excited and tired this week, all at the same time. This Christmas season is pretty tiring for everyone involved with two youngsters, but it's wonderful none-the-less. I love that Bentley wants to dismantle and re-decorate the Christmas tree everyday and Harper still answers my question of "what is she most excited about Christmas?" with, "It's Jesus' birthday!"

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