Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John 3:16 - Thank You Tebow!

This past year, I have made it a goal for Harper to start memorizing some important Bible verses.  We got a couple down... but then hit a period where she wanted nothing to do with sitting down with mommy and memorizing (I guess I'm not that much fun).  I tried not to get discouraged and sought out encouragement from other mom friends.  Kara and Annika shared their favorite memory verses with us via adorable songs called Seeds Family Worship... we love singing those in the car (I myself have found deep encouragement from such simple songs - Thank you girls)!  

Recently however, we watch the Denver Broncos game (I won't talk any more about that) and saw the commercial of John 3:16 that Focus on the Family broadcasted.  A few days later, I showed Harper the commercial via YouTube and she was immediately obsessed!  She loved watching the kids say this verse and with such expression...  Bentley loved it too!  I think they may have watched it at least twenty-five times.  It completely inspired her to memorize John 3:16 in a day.  I didn't ask her to say her verse to me for a few days, and today when I did... I was blown away at a three year olds memory. She recited the whole verse - Focus on the Family style, which means she said it exactly like the commercial they aired ;)  It has been a wonderful, creative way to encourage Harper to memorize a new verse!

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