Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, February 6, 2012

ER Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, Jeremy and I had our first (I'm sure of many) visit to the emergency room with our boy.  Bentley seemed to be fighting a normal cold on Saturday.  He has been abnormally fussy over the past few weeks due to teething, so I didn't think it was bizarre that he had trouble napping on Saturday.  I'm SO thankful that my mother-in-law (an operating room nurse) has been staying with us, due to her own recovery after her knee replacement surgery, because she was the one who alerted me that Bentley's labored breathing was abnormal and something to be concerned about.  We called our doctor around 3:30pm and they confirmed that we should take him into the ER.  I still wasn't ultra concerned at that time, but again am so thankful for the extra eyes because half way into the drive Bentley's breathing was significantly worse and Jeremy sped us the rest of the way to the hospital.  The doctors worked quickly to relieve his breathing and were able to eventually rule out RSV and pneumonia.  It ends up he had a random upper respiratory viral infection.  We spent a fun handful of hours at the hospital and had our exhausted boy in bed by 9pm.

I know this stuff happens all the time to little ones, but our family hasn't dealt with of this type of scenario too often.  Jeremy and I joked that Harper cost us all her expense up front within her first 6 months and never had these instances.  It gives me an extra large dose of empathy for parents who go through even scarier instances and illnesses with their children, because it was so sad and heart-wrenching to see Bentley go through the "little" that he did.  I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection over our little man and for health when we are graced by it.
Safe in Daddy's arms

He was so cute in his little hospital gown...

Snuggles with mommy and his doggie

Love, love, love my boy

Peek a boo!

I see you!

So confused by the reverse camera on mommy's iPhone ;)

Hey, it's us!

My bubu boo!


  1. Oh no! Poor little guy. He is just the sweetest thing in that hospital gown. Hope he is feeling better. Can't wait to catch up Thurs.

  2. Oh man--tears just stung my eyes as I can only imagine the anxiety you probably felt hearing his labored breathing, and the discomfort he experienced as well. I haven't had to take one of those "trips" with either child yet, but this post made me stop and thank the Lord for all the little times I know we should have ended up in the ER and didn't. Thankful he is okay!!!