Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy's Day

Harper and Bentley,

The three of us are blessed beyond belief to have the daddy that we do. He loves us like crazy and has a heart of pure gold.

In fact, Harper, you are already well aware if this because when I ask you what you love and miss about your daddy when he is traveling... Your response is always "his heart" followed by "his smile". The first time you said this, my heart melted. Not even a three year old could miss the light that shines through his heart and his smile. I couldn't agree more.

I know we will be far from perfect parents on this long journey to raise you guys... and someday maybe you'll lament over all the things we didn't "get" about each of you... But it is my prayer that you will grow to see the depth and the beauty in how much your daddy loves each of you.

Kids, he is the most intentional man I know... He doesn't float through life or checkout when he's overwhelmed or has too much on his plate. He loves us fiercely and with an unmatched passion. Sometimes your daddy even makes me believe it is his sole mission in this lifetime to know everything that could ever be known about each one of us.

He is your favorite playmate, your biggest belly laugh, your best game of chase. He is a shoulder ride any time of day. He is safety and calmness in the middle of the night; your speedy race car driver during the day (you will cause him a ticket or two Harps ;) He is Mr Negotiate and gets you to do what mommy cannot. He is Flynn Rider, Prince Eric, daddy kitty, daddy tiger or any other imaginary character who is always the hero. He is always your voice of truth or encouragement when there is a lesson to be taught. He is a giant bear hug.

He is YOUR daddy. He is vital and he is needed. ALL the time. We are so thankful. We love you daddy!

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