Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did You Say Pretty??

Oh my boy... You are so cute. You and your sister are two peas in a pod. Recently I have had quite a few people ask if you and Harper are twins. You guys are near the same size and you act much, much older than a 20 month old. You do and say everything that Harper does.

Recently bubu, you walked up to daddy holding a princess dress, motioning that you wanted help putting it on. I think you were put up to it a bit, since i could hear Harper in the playroom telling you to play dress up with her... Your dad may have cringed a little, but we helped you and you sure did make one cute little dress up friend for your sister ;) you were both filled with delight to be doing the same thing.

The next morning, you again asked to put the dress on, as Harper was putting hers on. When you were once again adorned, you said, "I pre-tty, I pre-tty".

I think this has probably happened to almost every little brother under the sun who has had a sister who loves the sparkles and frills and who he looks up to. I'm so glad you two are buddies and that you love being together!

Since then, I have added to my shopping list...

Boy dress ups ;)

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  1. Oh Audi they are adorable!!! I love all the pictures that your sis in law did. Fabulous.