Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Lake Cabin

For Memorial day weekend, we got to spend a night up at our family's lake cabin.  It was the first time this year that our family has made it up there... and we forgot how much we LOVE it.

It is peaceful, removed from everything, and so beautiful that you can't help but fall in love and feel refreshed.  The kids had a blast throwing rocks, going in the paddle boat, chasing ducks, and searching for any sign of life... and of course being with extended family.  This kind of exposure to nature is so necessary for kids to be creative and adventurous.  It isn't exactly the camping-kind-of-bonding with nature... but I'm pretty much ok with that ;)  Jeremy and I did find a little time to run around the lake on it's treacherous trail.  This has turned into a favorite moment for the hubs and I... running together.
Bentley is just a tiny bit excited...
Going across the main lake
And through the channel...
And we've arrived at our cabin... nestled in the woods... all by its little lonesome.
Paddle boat fun with Mimi and mama
 Me and my girl
Nature hike right outside our door
This little natural spring of water is just a few hundred feet from our cabin.  It's a treat to fall asleep to the sound of this natural "waterfall" right outside the window.
This past week, I have thought back to this picture in my mind... the water rushing down and crashing onto the moss covered rocks... it has kept me in a peaceful and thankful state of mind... in moments where I am fighting the opposite attitude and stance.  I love it when I can carry a piece of inspiration with me throughout my week.

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