Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun with Little Man

I just melt when I'm with Bentley. This age of two is amazing. As long as we're not in one of our "battle of the wills" moments, he just kills me: his squinty-eyed smile, his laugh, his determination to be big even though he's still got his pudgy toddler look... All of it is precious.

A few of my favorite moments with him recently have included: our mommy-tot gymnastics class, a hot chocolate date, riding the carousel together, him playing dress up with Harper, his complete love for potty training (not kidding!)... And my favorite: finding him in our playroom, reading my Bible with a flashlight.

You are a tenacious joy Bentley! We are cherishing you right now at not even two and a half ;)

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