Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Love

Valentines day was a little different this year, yet oh so special!

For the last several years, Jeremy has always come up BIG by cooking a gourmet dinner. Things like hazelnut crusted halibut and crab quesadillas have been on the menu in the past... My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Each year, Harper and I have been given the royal treatment with fresh flowers and amazing desserts to top it off. And Bentley has been learning from the best ;)

This year, the man in our life was down south on Valentines Day, so the kids and I spent the day with another love of ours - Mimi!

The kids woke up to some fun Valentines treats waiting for them at the breakfast table.  Art and books were the theme for Valentines goodies this year.  I know most people do a box of chocolate hearts, but this year found me completely caught up in the dollar store ;)

Mimi was so sweet and got up early to make sugar cookie dough so it would be ready for the kids to cut out, bake and decorate when we came over.  But first, Bentley had to get his snuggles in.

Harper calls herself an actual baker these days since she has gained so much confidence this year cooking at home, with Mimi and at school.  Our kids will cook anything if it means getting a lick or a taste of something delicious!

My actual Valentines Day kiss this year ;)

Mimi is terrific with the kids and is an expert at improvising with ease.  The kids wanted to do the icing with their fingers... so of course Mimi says "go for it!"

Some for the cookie... a spoonful for me.

After cookie decorating, the kids had to go out to the field behind Mimi and Baba's house and feed Abby and Bambi, the cows.  This little ritual has offered many moments of entertainment and snapshots for the memory bank.

A push on the tire-swing is all this boy needs to smile.  He looks so grown up to me here.

Busy, busy in the sand box.

Since daddy couldn't be with us on Valentines Day, he sent Harper and mommy a special delivery... fresh roses.  Harper was BEYOND thrilled.  She was glowing when she read the card addressed to "Bug".  I've never seen her glitter like this before. It was as though she truly realized her daddy was thinking about her from so far away!  ***Side note: Since Harper turned 4, it's been absolutely heart melting to watch her relationship with her dad bloom even more.  She adores him and knows how much she needs him in her life.  Whenever he's been traveling, she's been talking about him in such a grown up tone, with grown up thoughts about the whole thing.  I love their bond.

My handsome little hot chocolate date while Harper was at school celebrating Valentines Day.

The kids at Harper's school had an absolutely fantastic Valentines Day party.  Bentley and I got to join in for the last few minutes of it when we came to pick her up.  The kids all exchanged sweet little Valentines and ate cupcakes.  Harper was in seventh heaven!

Harper and Mrs. Stillinger at their Valentines party.  We couldn't be more thankful for Mrs. Stillinger and the impact she's had on Harper this year.  Couldn't be more thankful...

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  1. Oh Audi!!! Although I love every entry you have ever shared with us, This one I think is by far one of my favs, and touched my heart so warmly. I love how you made the day wonderful for Harps and Bentley (even though Jeremy was away, and Im sure your heart felt alittle sad that day) you still made it very special for them. The picture of Bentley and Mimi is precious! Im so thrilled that Bentley got to be you oh so handsome valentine kiss, one I know you will cherish for life. Jeremy sending Harper her own flowers is truely beautiful and loving, Harper will always remember when daddy was away and sent her special flowers.
    You are so truely Blessed!!