Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Harper's Friday School Birthday!

It's almost been a month since Harper's 4th birthday on January 15th.  I've been wanting to post her various birthday photos... but we've experienced double ear infections (Harper), daddy traveling more, and my computer crashed unexpectedly (heart attack city with all the writing in front of me).  Sometimes life just takes over for a bit!

Harper's teacher, Mrs. Stillinger, does an excellent job with the kids' birthdays.  She makes them feel so special.  When Harper arrived at school, a few days after her actual birthday, she was greeted with a giant banner in the entryway with her name on it!  All her classmates were beyond excited it was her day (especially because it means a fun day for all ;).

I was blessed by my mom taking Bentley for the day while I took Harper down South for school (we drive quite a distance to go to preschool once a week).  I dropped her off, spent a few hours writing at a coffee shop and then was able to head back over to school to help out a bit on Harper's special day.

I got the privilege of helping out with the kids cooking session.  They made gingerbread cookies.  It was so much fun to watch how well they listened, followed instructions and measured and stirred with skill ;)  I loved watching each of the kids cook with delight... and of course eat lots of dough!

While I got Harper's birthday party ready in another room, Mrs. Stillinger read the kids The Gingerbread Man.  

To the kids' surprise, she had made a giant gingerbread man and hid it in her house. After her story, she took the kids on a treasure hunt to find the Gingerbread man who had run away!  They ran all through the house, screaming with delight each time they cracked a clue!  It was a complete hit!

My favorite part of the day was during Harper's little birthday party.  Harper got to share about herself through the birthday "all about me" poster we filled out together.  She was so proud that she wrote her own name on it!  

Mrs. Stillinger is so wonderful at getting the kids to share what they love about the birthday child.  I melted to hear what these four year olds had to say about Harper.  I got it on video and it's just precious.

Of course I stopped the video when Mrs. Stillinger asked me what I loved about Harper as her mommy.  I told Harper I love the joy she shares with everyone through her smile and laughter.

Through this experience of being able to peek into what happens at school... I feel overwhelmingly blessed that Harper's first school experience has been such a positive, beautiful one.  She is experiencing an excellent teacher, a small class with wonderful families, and learning with emphasis on God's truths.  She has grown so much and I am so thankful.

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