Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sick Kids

We have had quite the last few weeks, in regard to being healthy. Two weekends ago, we had to take Bentley into the ER with an upper respiratory infection. The following weekend, Jeremy got the same thing as Bentley and laid low. Harper came next in line, and seemed to be getting the same bug as the boys... Just as Jeremy had to fly out of town... But I took her to the Dr this past Thursday to find out she has pneumonia! Just as I was figuring her out, Bentley started getting sick again... Winding him back in the ER this past Sunday to be diagnosed with another URI - bronchiolitis.

We have been spending most of our days holding and cuddling our kids, day and night. Sometimes these sick spells sure feel like their never going to end and I often feel like I don't have any more energy to give. That's when I have to start looking at the many things to be thankful for: for my God - who I can cry out to in the middle of the night and be confident that He hears me and will comfort us, for a husband who is the best tag-team partner in the middle of the night for our crying kiddos, for family who support and help me like angels when my husband is traveling for these types of moments with the kids, for kids who are otherwise healthy, for kids who find their parents to be the most comforting place to be, for friends and family who I can count on to pray for us, for friends who bring us a yummy meal to help lift our burden, for access to good doctors and medicine when necessary, for the simple fact that God has brought my husband home just when I need him the most these past weeks... My list could go on and on... And will, because these are the things I need to recount and set my mind on during these long, sick days.

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