Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harper and Her San Diego Buddies

We have just been back in San Diego for 2.5 days now and Harper has been thrilled to see her buddies (and of course we are thrilled to see our friends too)! When we lived here, we had regular play dates with her friends Carter, Josiah and Annika. Annika now lives in Northern California, so now it's just Harper and the boys in San Diego! We are looking forward to what fun this month will bring for the kiddos.
Josiah and Harper had a blast taking turns on his truck... going down the hill our house is located on. At moments, I couldn't look!
Josiah sweetly grabbed Harpers hand so they could go on a "walk" together... 2 year old independence at it's best.
Carter came over to play today and they had a blast jumping on the beds, hiding and (just like old times) eating pumpkin bread together. Carter was the first friend Harps got to see on this trip, since they sweetly picked us up from the airport... but today they really got to have some fun since it wasn't 9 o'clock at night! Carter even taught Harper some superhero moves!
Immediately, Harper's time with her buddies has been as if no time has past since we moved away... very fun and much needed!

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