Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favorite Kind of Quick Meal

Most would not argue that cooking dinner for your family mid-week is a tough assignment. Especially in the midst of an extra busy one. I have mentioned before, that I have learned over time to be more strategic about my approach to cooking in order to feed my family healthful meals. I have learned to meal plan, to do my shopping for the week early on, and to be ok taking short-cuts in preparation steps when necessary. The latter step is one that I have learned to give myself grace to not have to make everything from scratch.

This is one of my favorite quick, mid-week meals: store-bought black bean burgers on whole wheat buns with a mixed green salad. The perfect combination: simple, quick and nutritious. The black bean burgers are low calorie and full of protein and fiber. The whole wheat buns contain no preservatives and are smaller than the average bun. We get extra iron, vitamins C, A and K, and antioxidants from making our salad with a mix of kale, green leaf lettuce and spinach. We also get an extra “green” boost by piling kale on our burgers instead of low nutrient-dense leaves like iceberg lettuce.

It’s a delicious and nutritious option to through into your dinner menu when you’re too tire to spend extra time in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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