Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our One Year-Old Little Man

Our incredible Bentley Boo,

I can not believe you are ONE... this year has absolutely flown by... much too fast for your parents' taste. I did not write this to you on your birthday since your actual day was spent getting you through the roseola virus. You had a fever (followed by a rash a few days later) and were not yourself, but you certainly tried to play and be as normal as possible.
(here you are on your actual birthday, but you just weren't yourself...)

Bentley, you are your mommy and daddy's absolute joy! Your addition to our family has marked love and emotion we did not know existed. When you were born on October 14, 2010 I was so thrilled to be holding my healthy (9.6lbs!) baby boy. I remember the nurses commenting on how you had 3 month-old hands and a 3 month-old cry. You were one big boy... I was a little afraid that I had a bruiser on my hands!
I didn't really know what it would be like to have a son... well, my mister man, you have far surpassed anything I may have expected! You have rocked our world Bentley boo. Our hearts are full of love for you as our son and will continue to overflow forever. The sparkle I see inside of you, the life and joy you contain, gets me choked up because it is indescribable and stunning. Everyone who meets you, comments on your overwhelmingly joyous spirit. It begs the question: how did God bless us with a second perfect gift?
You have epitomized what a chill and laid back baby looks like. Seriously, I thought your sister was pretty easy-going... but you definitely showed us. From the start, you have been a great sleeper, eater, traveller, little brother, you name it... Now that you are older, it makes sense - you have your daddy's personality (which is a fantastic quality)! You are laid back but can be intense in short, select moments (I love it when you tighten your fists and shake - you do this when you're really ready for some food); you smile ALL the time and your smile is an absolute show stopper - you have your daddy's smiley eyes; (unlike your sister and I) things like a lack of sleep or a lack of food don't seem to affect your mood too much, you are usually happy and even-keeled; you have the BEST belly laugh and look for the fun in everything. You are a dream my boy.
These days, you love climbing on everything! Just the other day I caught you clinging onto the edge of the bathroom counter and using your feet to scale up the cabinet doors like a monkey! Oh, how my heart stopped! You were a rather early walker since you started walking on your own at 11 months. You still have your wobbly moments, but you are getting really fast! You are a true boy in that you make all kinds of "sounds"... like "vroom" and "roar" and you love making sounds by smacking your mouth and clicking your tongue. It seems true for you about the stereotype that boys are less verbal at this stage. You have refused to do much sign language until you turned one... but you now sign milk and dog! Your dad and I adore your "signature" move at this stage, which is that you point to everything! You almost always touch your pointer finger to your lips first and then point us to where you want to go or to what you want to touch. It is precious to us! Hands down, my favorite thing you do these days is give us kisses. You especially give mommy lots of these (daddy needs to shave I think) and you love kissing your sister too... You kiss us with a wide open mouth and you press your little face intensely against ours and look us right in the eyes. Melt. My. Heart.
(We actually caught you giving daddy one of your sweet kisses)
Bentley, you are my little man and you are my everything... the spirit God has placed inside of you is contagious and a blessing to your mommy, your daddy, your sister and everyone who meets you. We literally just commented tonight on how unbelievable your zest for life is! Your daddy and I have so much hope and desire and pray regularly to raise you as a godly man of character; that you will grow to love God and serve Him with your whole heart. We cherish every moment with you and soak up every ounce of your amazing personality. We love you always and forever sweet Bentley boo.

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