Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lehman Love

We have been loving spending time with our friends in San Diego this month... especially getting to see everyone's kiddos - they grow up so fast!

This past week, we were able to spend time with our friends Tatum and Avery...

On one day in particular last week, I didn't have a car so Tatum and Avery, without hesitation, jumped in their car and spent the day at our house. Tatum saved my spirits and Avery thoroughly entertained Harper and Bentley. Thank you Tatum, I am so thankful for friends who understand the joys and struggles of the mom-thing... and the emotional thing ;) We love you guys!
The three kiddos playing together...

Seriously, Bentley and Avery are about the same size (he's one year and she is almost 19 months!). She is ALL girl, and he is ALL boy.

We also got to meet up for a coffee play date in the park in Ocean Beach. The kids played and got out their energy... and then we spontaneously walked over to the library, since we had heard they were having story-time. It was, again, wonderful to spend time with our friends and get to know Avery a bit better. She is one sweet, adorable little girl... and we can't wait to celebrate the arrival of their second kiddo in a few short weeks!
These two were mesmerized when all the kids began singing songs with hand motions between stories... too cute!
My big girl... trying to keep her focus during story time... the girl just wants to go, go, go!
Tatum, nearly full term with baby number two and looking fabulous, with Harper & Bentley at story-time.
Precious Avery, watching all the big kids in awe.

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  1. Audi, thank you!! We also loved spending time with you the last few are definitely missed and it was a perfect treat the month before baby 2 pops out!