Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Birthday Day

I loved my birthday. There is no better way to spend it, than spending it with my husband and kids in the sunshine. After Bentley woke up (he's our morning snoozer), we headed up to hike Torrey Pines. On our hike, we realized Harper has been away from the ocean a little too long. Every time we came to a viewpoint, she kept saying, "I want to swim in there. I want to go in there". Water to swim in feels like a rarity in Portland ;)
Stretching Bentley's legs before putting him in the Ergo for our hike.
Me and my boy. He is so happy on my back! If my kids would have lasted... I would've requested to hike all day. So beautiful!
But they didn't last... they both fell asleep on the hike in order to get power naps to help them last through our breakfast stop. Jeremy and I melt at these precious moments with our big girl since they are few and far between.
We stopped at Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Encinitas for a little bite to eat. It was the perfect location for two busy toddlers. We sat outside in the yard area, where the kids allowed us to take this picture. They are seriously cute together these days... it warms a mama's heart.
After the kids took naps, we headed down to our favorite park in Liberty Station. We climbed, played on the swings, dug in the sand and raced down the slides. Our kind of family time.
Later on, after the kids were in bed, Jeremy picked up our favorite dinner in Point Loma from Old Venice... foccacia pizza and their ensalada venicia... accompanied by a spicy... yum! We enjoyed some quiet, alone time with each other and got some good sleep. It was a quiet, beautiful, perfect birthday. I felt loved and so, so thankful.

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